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Testing of PV Power Plants

Testing of PV Power Plants

The laboratory provides PV power plant testing service in accordance to Chinese standards CNCA/CTS0004, CNCA/CTS 0016) and IEC 62446-1 standard, using advanced power station testing equipment to provide authoritative third-party testing data and analysis reports for PV power plants in various stages (construction, operation, trading, etc.).

Our business covers:

PV Power plant investment feasibility/profitability assessment consulting;

Overall value evaluation of PV power plant;

PV power plant acceptance testing;

PV power plant performance testing;

PV power generation system performance parameters (PR value) calculation;

Operational evaluation (generation efficiency, attenuation) for PV power plants.

We have a professional testing team, be ready to serve you at any time.

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Test items

Testing (method) standards

PV power plant

PV power plant

Infrared (IR) scanning

CQC : CNCA/CTS0016-2015  Guideline of performance testing and quality assessment for grid-connected PV power plants

Average dust loss in photovoltaic group series

Temperature rise loss in photovoltaic group

Average power attenuation of PV module

Electroluminescence (EL) scanning

Module bypass diode detection

Series parallel mismatch loss of centralized Inverters

Series parallel average mismatch loss of series inverter

DC line loss of PV system with centralized inverter

DC line loss of PV system with series inverter

Shielding loss between photovoltaic array

AC average line loss of centralized Inverters

AC average line loss of series inverters

Weighted efficiency of inverter

MPPT tracking precision of inverter

Transformer weighted efficiency

Insulation resistance test of PV array

Grounding continuity test

Network power quality

Performance ratio of power station to PR value

Standard performance ratio of power station

Performance ratio of inverters

PV system

Testing of protective devices and equipotential bodies

CGC : CGC_GF003.1-2009

Basic acceptance requirements for grid-connected PV systems

Polarity test

Test of series current of photovoltaic group

Functional testing

Insulation resistance test of PV array

Nominal power test of PV array

Power quality test

System electrical efficiency test

Grid-connected PV systems

Continuity of protective earthing and/or equipotential bonding conductors

IEC 62446-1:2016

Photovoltaic (PV) systems - Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance - Part 1: Grid connected systems - Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection

Polarity test

PV string - Open circuit voltage measurement

PV array –circuit test

Functional test

PV array insulation resistance test

String I-V curve measurement

PV array infrared camera inspection

Voltage to ground - Resistive ground systems

PV array - Wet insulation resistance test

PV string combiner box test

Blocking diode test

Shade evaluation